Personal Training

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Our Services...Personal Training for men & women of all fitness levels Workout right, learn the correct techniques, avoid injuries, achieve your goals faster Weight management, Nutritional guidance, eat right & lose body fat Improve your health and well-being Free initial consultation, fitness evaluation & tour of fitness facilities


Fitness Evaluations Medical history questionnaire Blood pressure/exercise target heart rate Body composition analysis: % body fat & girth measurements Strength & Conditioning for Health Benefits Key Benefits % Body fat loss (weight management) Cardiovascular exercise Circuit/superset training Strength Endurance Flexibility/stretching Help prevent osteoporosis (bone loss) Control hypertension (high blood pressure) Improve overall well being Posture Stress reduction Balance/coordination Strength & Conditioning for Athletic Performance Key Benefits Periodization (Maximum strength gains) Sports specific programs Muscular endurance Muscular hypertrophy Anaerobic, interval & circuit training Sprint speed Agility